Bees! 🐝


Bees bees bees bees bees bees bees
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Bees 🐝





I like bees, especially the really bumbley furry ones. Sometimes baby ducks look like bees scootin across the water.





Any carrying a dead bee home:


I saw two ants lugging a dead wasp up a wall a few weeks ago but that is pretty incredible





aww beeeees.


I watched a documentary on bbc iplayer a long, long time ago about bees. One story followed a guy who liked to collect dead bees. He would sit and look at them, stroke them, organise them from biggest bee to smallest bee… he really liked bees. I really wish I could see that documentary again, I really enjoyed how happy bees made him.




I can’t believe you didn’t put this in my documentary thread


What documentary thread? :grimacing:


It’s far more suited to this, the bees thread.


Wife’s dad keeps bees. Last year I looked after his hives while he fucked off on holiday. Bees are a great bunch o’ lads, but it’s quite time-consuming looking after them. Nice honey, though.


I’d love to keep bees. Maybe I can get some for my dad when he retires. I’m not sure he wants bees, but I don’t see that he should really have a say in the matter.


I’d love to keep bees! And some chickens… and chicken-bees.

EDIT: It’s a … thing?