Beginner's guide to... Ambient


Still have a lot of love for this from way back when as well.


I love HIA. Their collaborations with Biosphere are wonderful as well.


Global Communication 76:14


Is there a list of the albums so far? Will read through the thread sometime when have more time to do so but would be good to be able to queue them up on Spotify without reading the full history of the thread first.



Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding. Often overlooked, absolute cosmic classic.


List (thanks to @sheeldz)

And playlist (thanks to @Pale-eyedBadger)


Johann Johannsson’s Orphee album is a thing of beauty.


Tragic, now.


Early 90’s clubbing (via Screamadelica) lead me to chill out rooms and outfits like the Orb, Mixmaster Morris, the Warp AI comps, the beatless version b-sides of dance 12’s on labels like Soma, which lead to Eno and beyond. Great journeys back then, inner and outer, delving in without the guide of youtube or soundcloud etc etc. I dug out this one on the weekend when it popped in my brainbox, one I used to chill out to many times over when it first came out in 91.


The album, “A/D, Music for picture” by Lorn is a pretty ambient album. It has a very moving and strong emotional atmosphere that is dark at times.


Grouper, obvs


First Narrows is one of my most played albums of the last couple of months off the back of the recommendation on the listening club.


Agree with most of the recs so far. One that hasn’t been mentioned is Labradford. Essential in my opinion.




I’ve really gotten into Music for Nine Postcards by Hiroshi Yoshimura. Prototypical ambient (sometimes new age-y) music from Japan. For me it’s slightly reminiscent of vapourwave or muzak (some of his stuff was written for adverts I believe), however it’s also quite… environmental and warm (this is more obvious in his other releases (Green, Wet Land, and Quiet Forest).

Music for Nine Postcards (unfortunately his only release on Spotify):

All his stuff is available on YouTube as well:

Also he’s the subject of one of my favourite pieces of musician/band photography:


Great shout. Mi Media Naranja and Prazision in particular are incredible.


Pete Namlook (in various guises) produced hundreds of albums, many of them very good, through the 90s. The Definitive Ambient Collection was a nice compendium. Can’t find the first one on youtube, but here’s the second one:


and The Tired Sounds of Stars Of The Lid is an absolute classic ambient piece:


And while it is droney, Lisbon by Keith Fullerton Whitman is amazing: