Beginner's guide to... Ambient


And then a modern classic is Marielle V Jakobsons’ Star Core:


Basically anything on Kranky


Yup, and to that end, Windy & Carl’s Consciousness is a firm fave (narrow second choice for my first listening club pick), check out Balance (Trembling)…


Sakura by susumu yakura.

One of the first ambient records to really hit the spot for me


Stars of the Lid, Bing and Ruth, Eluvium, Warmth, Loscil, Biosphere, Hammock, Bersarin Quartet to name a few…


CTRL+F KLF/Chill Out…?

And I agree with the above post about Lifeforms by FSOL - still my immediate response to the “A” question


Fennesz and Sakamoto’s “Cendre” too


Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack to Solaris


That’s an awesome record, think I might have an “ambient day” today, starting with that (you’re aware they did a follow up?)


Surprised nobody’s mentioned Discreet Music yet. That was my entrypoint to ambient (and arguably the beginning of it all) and remains one of my all-time favourites. Also,

Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised

Sonic Boom’s post-Spacemen 3 career has thrown up some great ambient and drone moments; this is one of the most accessible and also one of the best. Shimmering, pretty, whooshy and trippy as hell. Here’s the first track:


No-one’s mentioned Bee Mask yet, so I’ll rep for the wonderful Vapourware:

Donato Dozzy released a whole album of different remixes of the track. Also wonderful:


Thomas Koner

Susumu Yokota

Oren Ambarchi

Richard Skelton

Brian Eno