they’re gap yah backpackers who spent their week’s budget on too many drinks in the hostel bar #fail #YOLO.

Oh dear.

Gross gross gross gross

absolute fucking cretins of the highest order

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I’m not sure the violinist is “begpacking” mind, be a bit weird to take an amp and violin around with you

still a cunt either way



Yeah, this is total bullshit. Who are these prannies?

Also, what the fuck is going on with The Telegraph? I agree with at least two more of the their most popular opinion pieces! (“No woman should have to prove they were raped to claim child benefit. What is this madness?” and “Why the UK should ditch male and female toilets for ‘gender-neutral’ loos”).

Can anyone verify this as common thing? Or has it happened once and a journalist seen an opportunity to make a few clicks? I cant imagine anyone would give them money so I cant imagine anyone actually doing it?

this plays into my heebeegeebees about people crowdfunding their gap year/travel - which is basically socially networked begging


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seems to have really hit a nerve with some of the commentators.

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Pointing out it’s basically all white people doing this is racism, dontchaknow?

Aye anyone who plays the violin = automatic dickhead

it’s weird, the reason seems to be “I wouldn’t do it so it’s not a white thing”. Some people’s egos are so fragile they can’t admit anything bad about their race/culture.

Nah, Min Kym seems alright.