Behaviour that is unsustainable as a proper adult


Sitting down grumpily at a wedding and refusing to dance because its not just the banging selection of indie classics that you would have yourself chosen


Perfectly acceptable


I refuse to dance. It has fuckall to do with the song selection though.


Thinking about taking up smoking for the next wedding I’m invited to, so I can avoid the dancing.


Have a word with yourself




Giving people the silent treatment.

I hate that.


You vapers are all the same.


Having a wee in a lay-by in full view of passing traffic because you ‘just can’t wait until we get there’


cock out on the metrolink. apparently.


Eating breakfast cereal that has a cartoon animal on the box.


I am walking talking proof that it’s possible to retain childhood habits that ‘the man’ might call unacceptable through adulthood.


Almost as soon as I passed the “TEESSIDE” sign on the A1(M) the other week, there were two lads pissing side by side in a layby.




Nothing we are the eternal children.


kiss chase in the playground?


Depends who with



obvs being a tory is objectionable anyway but imagine being nearly 60 years old and referring to yourself as an anything “boy”


Or being unable to articulate what kind of animal TONY THE TIGER is