Behaviour that is unsustainable as a proper adult


Got one wedding in Nov and 2 next year, one abroad, one where I’m MC. Already having to mentally budget for those.


I like weddings because I love my friends being happy, but hate marriage and think it’s a sham?



Pretty much exactly.

All the best weddings end in bukkake


I didn’t even dance at my wedding after the first 3 songs. I honestly should have refused to pay the wanker.
He played shocking stuff.


used to be a right old grump at weddings, but thats mainly coz my auntie pat had half a dozen when i was a kid. fucking hated them. now i love a right old dance. our pat didnt even invite me to her most recent one, all her nephews and nieces just got invited the evening do. never would have topped the wedding where my grandad said the name of one of her ex husbands in the speech instead of who she was actually marrying that day anyway


a friend of mine is getting married at some point.

Can’t even afford a suit.

Might not go


how do you have a wedding and not feel incredibly embarrassed and awkward for all the people you’ve dragged there?



At the risk of massively mis-reading some bantz I will buy expensive shoes / jeans / work shirts as cheap ones are a massive false economy.


Knocking on people you knows door without prior warning, and asking if they’re coming out to play


Reckon it’s quite nice for people who want to to have a big party with their friends


they could just have a big party though


like when you are alive and a human, every day is about you inside your own head anyway.


Generally by paying at least thirty pounds a head for their food.


reckon food and clothes cost more than that though.

Like it’s impossible to be too poor to go to someone’s wedding and still be their friend, they are gonna hate you if you don’t go or buy them something.

So basically they’re pricing you out of their friendship


I don’t think this is true of decent people


Don’t think this is true pal and I say that as someone who lands more on your side of the fence re weddings than the other.

A lot of the perceived pressure of that sort of investment at a wedding is somewhat self-imposed, can’t imagine there are many proper friendships that would suffer as a result of not being able to afford wedding stuff.


when my mate got married he got his suit and the ushers’ suits from primark, it was fine


maybe, they’re just going to assume you’re using poorness as an excuse or you’re just too lazy or something though


This goes back to the old line about how good the friendship is though.

My best mate and his girlfriend didn’t get me a wedding gift and there are no hard feelings at all. Weddings can be an expensive day. I know other mates who borrow suits or wear a shirt and trousers from Primark instead of spending all their money on a new outfit.

Other people might really care what you wear or how much you give them, but you could argue they’re not good/ proper friends.