BEHOLD, the wondrous Scandinavian* Easter egg!



Was quite shocked when I realised that in some countries, an Easter egg is literally just a big chocolate egg.

  • @BodyInTheThames, can you confirm whether this is what you get across the border as well please?


You’re getting absolutely rinsed there m9


Yeah think I’ll stick to my giant chocolate egg thanks all the same wr.


yup - big cardboard egg filled with sweets/candy/godis


Mr Cadbury’s Parrot says, “LOL”


I should clarify – this is just a small one that I got at work. The ones we get at home naturally have way more stuff in them. And it’s very exciting cause you don’t know what’s going to be inside!!! !!!


Pretty good, right?



usually this size


More difficult to find a good hiding place for, though


Actually I think I like that more. Can a Scandinavian adopt me pls?


we do the whole hunt & easter dinner thing at my TV’s brothers place, usually 12-18 of us & they have a big garden with lots of bushes & hiding places in watering cans or up in trees and so on

it’s great


Used to get one of these from the Swedish ex. Loved a bit of Plop with my Kex.


I used to enjoy painting (actual) eggs and putting them on a tree.

I don’t think this is a UK tradition


Yeah we always did this in pre-school and maybe early primary school. Pain the arse having to blow the raw egg out of the egg shell without breaking it though


yeah it always resulted in a few failures

I wonder what we did with the egg itself. maybe made a large omelette or something, though probably just threw them away