Beige foam takeaway box. The great betrayer. (best kebab near you centric tho)


Nothing so synonymous with a regretful night of boozing that the beige foam box eh.

Hangover is real right now. But the kebab was good last night, from just next to the crossroads of Pepys and New Cross Road.

Where’s your best kebab place? Let’s share knowledge folks.


Only have about 1 or 2 doners a year now tops.

My local one isn’t very good. They put this odd sauce on it as standard.

Went to my old doner stomping ground in Nottingham last year. Fuck me that was good.


City kebabs?


Nah Trent Kebabs. They’ve got this kebab serving hatch thing there now. Assume it was the same place.

Either way - glorious.

Best kebab place I’ve ever been to is that one round the back of the market square in Cambridge. Genuinely high grade experience.


Flames is good for a lamb kofta, Tasty is better for everything else. Haven’t tried the fancy looking new Lebanese place right next to both of them yet but it looks alright.


swarma king down by mono is a genuinely brilliant kebab


I’ve recently perfected a fucking superb chicken shawarma recipe at home, pairing it up with Heinz garlic sauce in a wrap is the absolute tits, Flames are very accommodating about knocking up lamb kofta and selling them to me on their own a bit cheaper as well so I pair these things up beautifully on an alarmingly regular basis at the minute.


oh shit i might have a go at making shawarma too now. good idea Ant


I’ve never eaten a kebab (part of the 95%)


woah what


You mean Gardies? That place was my haven. Ate there at least twice a week for three years. Always had my picture on the wall. Small print on the chalk board said you could swap salad for chips, and that applied to ANYTHING. And this is why I’m fat.


more of a dirty chicken burger person myself

(monleys, standsted road, burger deal with extra hash brown for about £3 is fine)


you should go to a really good turkish restaurant as a treat


There’s a vegan shawarma cart in ealing that has really nice garlic sauce too, It’s all I have now


when I lived in student halls during 3rd yeaerI used to sometimes walk to the burger van that parked near the student union around 1am for food :sob:


which uni? this reminds me of my loughborough days


What’s shameful about that?


They’ve never looked appealing.

Oh, I’ve had kebab in a Turkish restaurant before. Just not the whole “strips of meat from a spinning stick at 1am” kebab.




oh i SEEE. well it depends where you go, coz a lot of takeaways will do way better than the bog standard stuff these days :slight_smile:


They need to up their takeaway box game then :smiley: