Being a child secret agent

I think everyone goes through a phase when they imagine themselves to be a spy or a detective, right?

Or maybe you’re a weirdo and didn’t.

Anyone tell us how you surveilled your targets, exchanged messages in invisible ink etc.

Don’t breach the Official Secrets Act obvs but reveal all (in this very secret thread)..

I had both these books and was very serious about my craft.
image image

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And the spy filofax.

This was NOT a phase for me, other than the fact I’m no longer a child. I still pretend I’m a spy.


Do you have any dead letter boxes?

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The Peter Eldin book cover looks very familiar.

Yep. I thought I should have been a spy when growing up in the 80s as that’s when the commies were coming. A Daily Mail reader would think the same in current times.

I bet they were fertile times for the intelligence agencies.

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Although there’s probably plenty of people inspired by the War on Terror too.


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Not quite the same, but I used to LOVE the Usborne Puzzle Books.



There’s an old phone box near us which people use as a kids book exchange, we were looking through it the other week and I found of these, my wife was like “why are you taking that, it’s way too old for Baby HYG”, I was like “It’s not for her!”

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:smiley: Murder on the Midnight Plane! Loved that one!



Escape from blood castle was my favourite. Remember there’s a bit with a nerd and a pinball machine for some reason.

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I had that second one. Used to love it. I think there might have been others in that series too.

Please don’t encourage saps.

agent saps

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Well done for blowing his cover!

shut up! I didn’t say he was a double agent, did I??

All I can remember was the bit where you had to work out what was missing from the drinks trolley. Brilliant :slight_smile:


did someone on here have a tale about attempting to get recruited by MI5 after going to university (oxford or cambridge I think) and literally telling everyone they knew about it, despite being explicitly instructed not to mention it to anyone under any circumstances?

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Didn’t have that one, sounds great though! :slight_smile: