Being a young idiot


I have worn this (a long time ago) to a dress down Friday (office of maybe 60):


@Ruffers @barleysugar @still_here to thread!


look at that space between ‘my’ and ‘self’. outrageous.


how old were you at the time, man? 16-19 is the only acceptable answer here, btw


tried to correct a spanish person’s spanish even though i don’t speak spanish


my friend used the word ‘connote’ and i was adamant that it wasn’t a real word


Little bit older than that. I had a trucker’s cap that said ‘go with the gusto’ on it too. Like a prototype @xylo


Stealth Bomber Stealth BOMBer


you get a bit personal sometimes man


Had some real tight white jeans when I was about 17. Thought I looked like I was in the Manics, almost certainly looked like a twat.


ok man. have a bit of dry toast or something because a) I was dicking about and b) aaah fuck b

stick with a)


I once wore a t-shirt with this on it:


Actually, it didn’t have the Islam one on it, that must be a recent addition.


young? compliment accepted


Nice to know that they are always refining the product, striving for excellence.


i also used to have that t-shirt, fucking miles out


At 16 years old I had a River Island camo t shirt that I wore in 6th form. If you looked closely the camo pattern was actually a load of lovely ladies in suggestive poses.


Also had this badboy (never wore it to DDF though)


you win some you lose some


Did you have the FUCT t-shirt in the Ford logo style too?