Being Caught 😳


I sometimes whack the air conditioning vents with an umbrella so the flaps (wahey) shut and it doesn’t blow directly on my face.

Today whilst whacking it I got caught by than the air conditioning engineer come to fix the air con cause it’s not working.

When have YOU been caught and by who and how #naughty are you?


Got caught with someone else’s gf by the person in question. It was very #naughty and I have sincerely regretted it for the last decade.


Did you put your meat in their gf?





I drew a couple of small penises in pencil in my colleague’s diary the other week. Though I would say I was rumbled rather than caught (he mentioned it in conversation and my poker face failed me)


Got caught pissing in a communal studio space thing nobody’s meant to be staying/living in at about 4 this morn in nowt but my pants. Just sort of glared rather than offering an explanation, I mean it’s obvious what’s going on, I’m clearly the world’s most seductive burglar.


Got collared taking a short cut down a private road a couple of weeks back. I told them I was an estate agent dropping leaflets and they took a look at me and waved me through.

Not sure how I feel about that tbqh


I got caught and chased by a golf buggy a month ago accidently on a walk around some place I’d never been to in Essex. Ended up on a golf course that was in use!


was your willy in when you got caught


Dunno if this counts, really, but I sometimes do this thing where if I hear my gf opening the front door I wait until she’s about to get to the end of the hallway and push off in my wheelie office chair so I’m in her way and glaring at her.

Did it yesterday, except the friend she’d gone to lunch was there too, and walking in front. So I ended up in front of them, at crotch height, in my chair, gurning at them.


it was certainly somewhere!


In future just use masking tape, I reckon.



I think we need another ‘how do you annoy your partner’ thread soon.


Might stay out of that one. I got a rough time from people who don’t understand that the only really way to show genuine affection for someone is low level psychological warfare.


Was it one of those Google self-aware ones?