being childish/child-like

a companion thread to the adulting one - what are some good/fun ways you still act like a child, or don’t act “appropriately” for your age

basically climb any tree/lamppost that gets in my way after about 3 drinks


Run up the stairs on all fours.


I insist that my mum buys me advent calendars and Easter eggs


oh i have this too - though at least now i buy her eggs in return too

feels guilty about the plastic aspect lately but in the grand scheme of all the crappy waste i’m part of … not sure a one-off annual thing that makes me so happy makes much diff :man_shrugging:


I usually watch kids TV with breakfast - running out of things that look watchable though. Might have to dig out some oldies on YouTube.


Once I’ve defecated, I simply point at my soiled arse until an adult comes and makes me clean again.


At the risk of ‘outing’ myself…

You know when you’re sat in the car looking out the window, and theres a raindrop or spot of dirt or something in your eyeline, and you try and move it up and around to avoid obstacles in your vision?

If by any chance you’re still with me, I still do that


I do this, but not when driving.

Watching She-Ra or Pokémon before work with my museli with soy yoghurt, both the adult and the child.

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will regularly change my step so i plant my feet specifically within borders of flagstones/paving


I watch Sarah and Duck when I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfect. Kids TV is amazing in general, and lots of the old stuff is available out there!


I’ve never noticed this myself but someone pointed out how funny it is that I get into a car head first rather than legs first


Cadbury’s ones are all plastic-free these days, so eat away

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Jump in puddles (if no one’s watching)

in recent years i’ve gotten back into gummy sweets


hopefully this is in reference to the stuffed animals

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One of the benefits of having kids is that you get to revisit the playground - and modern playgrounds are waaaaay better in general than the rusting death traps we had in the 80s. Been on so many giant slides, climbing walls, zip lines over the past few years, all with the excuse that I was accompanying the kids solely out of parental duty obviously. Worried that they’re gonna get to an age over the next few years where they won’t want to go to the playground, and I’ll be desperately dragging them along against their will to get my slide fix :frowning:


Get into Bluey! It’s on iplayer and CBeebies at 7:20

I don’t drink tea or coffee. Don’t really like wine unless it’s free.

I’m with Costanza

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