Being civil with Brexit voters


Probably won’t make sense as I’m hungover.

Some of my friends at the pub yesterday who voted to Leave were moaning about parliament now having control over Brexit, while also saying Theresa May is doing a good job as PM and that she ‘gets a lot of shit from MPs’ or something. For some reason this made my blood boil but ultimately I said nothing.

It just drives me batshit that they can’t see how this is all a very bad thing, that they’ve essentially voted to make themselves poorer, that they can’t see through Theresa May’s obvious bullshit about helping working people, and that they don’t realise how much of the press is controlled by billionaires who want us to vote against our interests. I’ve known these people for years and it fills me with grief that they’ve allowed themselves to become brainwashed like this.

Probably a pointless thread, but this is starting to bother me more than I thought it would. Is it actually possible to talk to Brexit voters about Brexit without it ending up in an argument? Is anyone else experiencing this awkwardness?


Mon up here and hang out wi us :slight_smile:


sometime my blood does boil when people say stupid shit, but I just try to remain firm and give my reasoned opinion, if it’s appropriate to do so at the time. Like I probably won’t say to my 86 year old grandfather that Brexit was a bad fucking idea, but i’d be more than willing to have a decently spirited debate with someone I’d know wouldn’t descend into outright screaming.

Still couldn’t convince my mum to vote remain. She said the next day she felt cheated. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why not just disagree and challenge their arguments?


An acquaintance of mine who’s rabidly pro-leave (despite having very minimal arguments to justify it) tweeted his outrage at the judges’ ruling on Thursday. When I queried this he just said “we won, there’s nothing more for anyone to debate”. I kind of left it at that and didn’t bother pursuing it cos I’d have lost a day to a pointless argument.

I’m actually resigned to brexit happening but the thing I hate most is that now the leave side narrowly won and got the result they wanted, any sort of discussion is beyond the pale. It’s not up for debate apparently. That’s before you get to the ridiculous gripes that people have with the judges actually doing their job correctly.


The other thing is pro-Leave people on social media advertising themselves going on holiday saying “off to Spain now. Wonder if I’ll need a visa like the remoaners say lol”.

We haven’t left the EU yet, you total penis.


Because of the sour atmosphere it might create.

And pretty much because of this:

Also because I’m bad at explaining things and tbh I’m not exactly an “expert” on the EU myself. I just know that leaving it is fucked up.


Have a few friends who voted for the conservatives at the past two elections because they ‘thought that they were going to win anyway and may as well have voted for them’. Have no problem calling them tossers to their faces tbh.


get over yourselves.


Of course it is. You don’t have to go into the argument with the end game of changing their minds in one go. Just come up with a few things that bother you the most, raise them, and then diplomatically say something like “well, we all have our opinions” and then leave it. You’ll have said something, they’ll have a seed of doubt sown in their minds… And just chip away like that.


Tbh that’s what I do on here. You’ll rarely find me pursuing an argument to the bitter end. Say your piece and be done with itm




you know when you see a thread title and you know right away who posted it?


Tell them you’ll see them again in 25 years.


You’re not very punk are you?


Wait aren’t you like 20 years old? What are you doing having Tory mates? Only people aged 35+ are supposed to have Tory mates.


Been mulling this over for a while, let’s settle this once and for all DiS. What’s the worst type of Brexit voter?

  • Lexiters
  • Hardcore Brexiteers who now want to hang judges
  • Anyone mentioning ‘democratic accountability’ in any capacity
  • Traditional Working Class Labour Voters With Legitimate Concerns About Immigration
  • Boris Johnson

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Oh no I did the poll wrong :’(


Don’t say anything, just do this


All the above