Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

Has anyone seen this? Watched it last night. Great documentary about Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom. It is full of great archive footage of Frank and it is pretty moving towards the end.

Yeah, a few months ago. Didn’t really know anything about him before but really enjoyed it - managed to be affectionate towards his work without being sycophantic, and was happy to point out his flaws. Hard thing to pull off I think.

I backed it on kickstarter (or whatever) so it was great to finally get to see the whole thing when they sent out the stream a few months ago.

One of the best documentaries this year.

Possibly my favourite bit was when they decoded his symbols. I’d always thought they were just decorative.

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Just read that his youngest son, Harry, who is a talking head in the film, was killed in a car crash after the film was completed. Tragic.

Went to a screening with a Q&A with the director. Bought a badge off him beforehand without realising it was him!

Loved the film but found it even stranger than “Frank”. The truth was even weirder than the fictionalised version!

Someone at work has leant me the DVD. Proper brilliant film, the Freshies stuff I’ve never properly listened to, I knew he was some sort of Record producer because of a bloke I worked with was in a band that had a 7 inch record that was produced by Chris Sievey.

That Computer program on vinyl is fucking amazing.

I vaguely remember him on Granada as the Sunday Team of the week with the Big Shorts. Think he was on Granada Tonight quite a bit in the 90’s if memory serves.

Didn’t know his last gig was at the Salutation. Must have just been before it got took over by the uni.

And the code was real :laughing:

Didn’t know that he appeared at the FA cup semi-final between us and Man United at Maine Road in 1990 as well.

saw this a while back and enjoyed it a lot

also my local record shop got a local artist to design some music-themed Christmas cards to sell in the shop, some good Nick Cave and Joy Division ones but i really liked this one as well: