Being Kind to People

Let’s all be nice to everyone unless there’s a super reason not to.

Come on it’ll be fun!

I’m going to not say anything mean to anyone for a whole year.

I bet it makes me happier too


Bottling up anything seems unhealthy

I think maybe I’ll just try to see other people’s point of view and wait to speak until I’ve thought about stuff a bit more. I have a habit of speaking too soon a lot of the time

A nice thought

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hope you’re having a good day anyway!

Oasis were a great band, eh Bam??:wink::wink:

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Stacey Solomon


heard somebody say “all you can do with any day is enjoy it” and it sounds trite but maybe it was the way it was said but I’ve been rolling that around in my head a lot when I feel sad about what I haven’t achieved. I just have to enjoy today! Maybe I can just enjoy today for the rest of my life if I’m lucky

that’s a great attitude

I’m really not a fan but I’m glad their music makes other people happy as that’s much better than if it made nobody happy

And I think that’s what got her so far on… I want to say Pop Idol

I think people bottle up bad feelings which is unhealthy but people also bottle up good feelings, like they really want to say something positive or express how good they feel about something but are afraid to as it they think it might make them appear weak or something, or that negative people might shoot them down and ruin their happy feelings.

to keep that in mind all the time would be a truly great skill. Don’t know who she is but hopefully she’s successful and happy too with that outlook

that’s very very true. It’s hard to say something genuinely nice at times. Like if I saw a friend and they looked really happy or healthy or something what’s the chances I would mention it? Sadly it’s probably close to 0%

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I feel I’m as nice as people deserve. If you’re lovely, I’m lovely! If you’re a dick, I’m a dick!

i can be civil, don’t think i can just be nice all the time for the sake of it

ok it’s your choice


Joking obviously Bam :heart:

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no problem!