Being Let Down

Full roaster was supposed to bring in a wall chart from his parents’ paper. He didn’t. I specifically said that if he couldn’t I would buy a paper but oh no, he would.

Have you ever been let down?

Not as badly as that


why are venues in london so horrible


Print one off

We are a virtually paperless dept, alas we only have an A4 printer. Not acceptable!

Make the full roast eater draw one on the wall then

We do have a whiteboard.

Alright Thom

Yes. As recently as the last few days.

Wallchart based? I share your pain.

No, but come to think of it, yes. That’s two let downs, now.

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A few years ago I was let down by someone (non wallchart related). Ever since then I have made it my goal in life to always be the one doing the letting down. It’s much better.


How many wallchart promises did you break this year?

Bugduv linked to this one on another thread (the guy’s website has a nice stadium guide pdf as well):

That returns us to your printing problem, but there we are.


printed this this morning, just looks sad in a4

I had a “let down” during the war and consequently never married. Now I live out my days in a residential hotel on the south coast and teach piano lessons to make ends meet.

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Just checked with reception and they have one but no A3. Stephen may have some A3 but he is away from where he sits.

You could print it over 4/6 bits of A4, but that’ll ruin the whole aesthetic I suppose

Is there anything a3 on the wall currently that you could print on the back of?

No. We have one wall planner which is much bigger and a piece of A4 I put up.

My wife is being a dick and not telling me if she can print it or not! She’s definitely going to get a smaller portion* for dinner.

*no innuendo