Being objective, which of you has the hottest mum or dad?


Happy friday guys




My mum was definitely hot. My dad less so.


i don’t really know about mine, I maybe they were a bit. Dad used to get compared to dustin hoffman which I believe is a good thing.


Would you rather

  • Watch your parents have sex a thousand times?
  • Join in with them once?

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I think I have said before on here but my dad was in LA when Tootsie came out and they wouldn’t let him pay at the cinema because they thought he was Dustin.


peak or current


Probs just wouldn’t bother doing either tbh


*the dustman


They die if you don’t choose




I don’t think mine ever got anything for free because he looked like him. If he got anything for free it was because he argued with people until they gave him something free.


I don’t think that’s true, just spoke to my mum on the phone and she didn’t sound like she was in any sort of immediate peril


He was wearing his cor blimey trousers


both parents were tidy as fuck. solid genes maaaaan.

can’t split em





Can’t believe @still_here legitimised it with a response. They both want banning, tbh


Ol’ ma dots was (and still is) a smokin’ hottie, 4 real


can we lock this with just the one response so that whenever we need it, we can be reminded that @still_here wants to watch his folks bone loads