Being offered a cup of tea (rolling)


non-work offering only.

it’s also okay if they also offered you a coffee.

last week, when I was getting my passport application countersigned at my friends’ flat, I was offered a cup of tea or coffee. actually opted for the latter because they had nice coffee in. Twixes all round, putting the level of hospitality up a level.

now you


I don’t drink either but have drunk coffee if it feels like they’ll like me more if I do.


have you done this recently?

this is a valid response to being offered tea or coffee as people like being nice and hospitable and probably feel a tiny bit perturbed if they can’t make you the tea or coffee.


I don’t drink either and people just can’t handle it. I lived with some people for a month there and despite me telling them so on the first day and that they didn’t ever need to offer me a drink they just couldn’t help themselves.

Most people react like you’re telling them the most shocking thing they’ve ever heard.


Don’t tend to have milk in the house much anymore which makes it very awkward when someone comes round. E-on came to install a smart meter earlier so I got a one pinter in in preparation, he had his coffee black, would you believe


I can imagine some mums feeling a bit lost if you were at their house and declined a tea or coffee and all future offers of tea or coffee


Maybe about six months ago. Some man was really friendly and was like “hey ____ get him a drink! what do you want” so I hit him with a “black coffee, please” and then drank it as if I liked it. We had a good chat over coffee which i think is a life trope isn’t it?


at least he accepted the offer, Aggpass.

  • did you offer any biscuits?
  • did you also have a cup at the same time?
  • did you have a bit of a chat over the coffee?


(The coffee, like all coffee was gross though)


I have a friend who doesn’t drink either or alcohol, I feel like a right bastard when I make myself a cuppa at his house


A bit of a minefield. Potential for poorly prepared drinks with both options. If there is ‘proper’ coffee (i.e. made with ground coffee) I will go for that otherwise it will be tea. I always state ‘strong, just a little bit of milk’ and hope for the best


No biscuits offered
I also had a black coffee
I had to join a webex so minimal chat


you’d better sort this out for Sheffield meat vol. ii


We’ve got plenty of yoghurt in


I’ve done that quite a bit in my life because I used to get invited to lots of houses, being that I’m very lovely, but I also used to be very fussy.

this is more a childhood thing, though, and not really a tea or coffee thing. I think it’s more a “being invited round for food tea and not liking the food” thing.


Depends how long I’m staying, but will happily opt for either.

Will always offer guest a drink at our house - but we never have sugar in.


always weird when somebody has no tea components in their house.

making yourself a cup is fine, although it does feel weird to not make one for anyone else. I can relate to that, Bam.


I think it’s okay to be a bit exacting with your beverage requirements. they really should be asking. it’s all about communication.


Do you stock things that nobody in the house likes, because they are common things for guests to want

  • Yes
  • No
  • We like all the standard options so have them in anyway

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this reminds me, really need to get some instant coffee which isn’t decaf