Being offered money


So I have to go to an awards ceremony soon (I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL), which is great, but of course you have to buy a ticket to actually attend. BUT, a company which sponsors the award I’m in the running for messaged me and invited me to be a guest on their table. I said sure, I’d be delighted, does this mean I don’t have to buy my own ticket? They said yep, they’d cover it, and also, they want to offer me “£100 towards travel which we hope goes towards planning your evening”. It will cost me fuck all to get there. Should I tell them that? Or just shut up and take it? Bear in mind I’ll have to spend an evening sat with them and where I’ve come from will probably crop up.


I’d be biting their hands off m8


Don’t be greedy


shut up and take it.
when we have tables at these kinda awards dos we always pay for guests travel/overnights etc


If they’d offered to cover a train fare or something, I’d be down with that. I’ll just be getting the tube. And I already have a travel card.


Accept their offer of a ticket, but ask them to donate your expenses allowance to charity or a fellow nominee whose trip will cost more than £100.


Maybe its also towards getting a new shirt or taxi home, that kind of thing. If your going to leave early maybe don’t take it but if you are committing to the night with them go ahead


why don’t you take the money and travel by taxi, like someone who’s ‘KIND OF A BIG DEAL’ :slight_smile:


You’re really considering taking a free £100 of a company :grinning:

Give it me if you don’t want it


Imagine going to a work awards ceremony.


Just imagine.



Jokes on you!

This is an awards ceremony for the project I do in my spare time!


Ever find out where that piss came from?


I got up to the bulb a few weeks ago and it does look like there might be watermarks* on the light fitting.

No more piss though, so I am ignoring it for the time being.



At least next time you’ll be able to mop it up with a crisp £100 note.


you’ll prolly be expected to toss one of them off


She sounds nice over email, so…


hundred quid’s a hundred quid


Notice how @hip_young_gunslinger is ignoring my reply…



I’m sorry, I only wanted serious replies.