Being purposely uniformed


ever had to wear something stupid for work?


Clip on tie at M&S shudder


had to wear a short sleeve shirt at one place. was awful.


That crap sports direct tracksuit


@plasticniki do you wear your uniform?




i didn’t realise those actually existed, thought they were just a gag from 80s cartoons


used to work in cineworld: yes

also used to have to wear a tabbard when i worked at butterfly world


nope, and it has been confirmed that it’s okay


if you work somewhere you might get assaulted they make you wear a clip on tie


Apparently it was so nobody could choke you if a customer went rogue, instead they could just rip out part of my larynx.




Also if you work in, say a manufacturing plant.

My granddad had a whole array of clip-on ties for the bottle factory he worked at.


Thought this might be the Thursday filth thread


Really hope they’ve binned them off by now.


i believe they have not binned them off


could go that way if you like, why not?

ever dressed up for banging? put on your robe and wizard hat?



why did you need a tabbard when dealing with butterflies?


used to work in a chain pub and the shirts were ghastly. the cheap iron on badge would go dead manky in the wash and looked scummy. they were also made of this horrible synthetic fabric and smelt. good lord. remember i’d wear my own shirts when i could get away with it - which was never as often as i’d, or customers, would like (probably)