Being purposely uniformed

We’ve done this thread before because I remember searching for the same images.

Safeway green and yellow striped dress :face_vomiting:
Paper suit and pants :flushed:

i have worked in asdas and spennos so yes i have worn a uniform for work and they are/were terribly shit

Tezbots uniform wasn’t that bad, tbf.

what happened when it got wet

Now it’s definitely the Thursday filth thread.

Genuine answer, when there was a cause for getting wet, we wore a rubber suit on top.

think if i worked in a supermarket i’d go for one of the standard issue fleeces

probably your best option

Not personally, but let’s find out what the DiS massive say.

Ever “dressed up for banging” (Japes, 2018)?

(anonymous poll. Sorry about the slightly vague categories but hope that makes sense)

  • No
  • Yes - in terms of using “regular” clothes but in a sexy way
  • Yes - in terms of buying some kind of sexy uniform/outfit/cosplay etc

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are you allowed to decide what bits of the uniform you can put on? I mean could i wear the fleece on the tills, or is that strictly for the freezer people

baseball cap at cineworld

i mean if its cold you can wear the fleece, yeah

I didn’t have a fleece, just a polyester shirt.

It wasn’t good, but it was fine.

do you have a thing you would like your partner to dress up as

  • y
  • n

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a dragon.

EDIT: Sorry, a SEXY dragon.


don’t really know what this means



Underpants on head etc

Maybe make this one anonymous?

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Probably need to find a proper job, one where I don’t have to ruin a clip on tie, get called a cunt and ruin various people’s Christmases really.