Being RUDE


When was the last time you were rude to someone?

Yesterday someone was holding the door open for me as was coming out a shop and I didn’t say thank you and they went YOU’RE WELCOME really passive aggressively, which, fair enough.


I’ve decided to try and stop being rude to people in 2018. Life’s too short.


I try my best but I get nervous about talking to strangers because anxiety problems and end up being short with people. I’m trying to be better.


I think I’m going to be more rude. Feel like I’m too nice usually.


I’m rude to rude people far too quickly. I think it might be more rewarding to be really nice to them. Difficult to not sound sarcastic though.



Can’t think of a time when I’ve been outwardly rude. I’m more of a quiet seether.


Keep it rude


For 2018, I will stay rude


I was rude to someone working at a trendy pizza van. Loads of people who ordered after me got their pizzas before me, and each time i (politely) asked how long my pizza would be they changed their minds, and after maybe the fourth time i’d gone out into the freezing cold to ask I asked if they were taking the piss, and could they just please give me an accurate estimate, and if they didn’t want to make my pizza (they were perhaps irked that i asked for no parmesan - bloody cheek eh) then they should have said so rather than just being shit.



I’m actually very polite to a fault


Up yours!


I’m very rude to people when I’m driving as well. Calling other drivers all sorts of rude words. CUNTS.


Could I BE any more rude


I assumed that didn’t count because the selfish cunts can’t hear me.


Overly and cringeingly polite normally.

If someone is obnoxious I’ll go out my way to make life miserable for them as much as humanly possible.


my friend punched me in the arm the other night on a night out coz they started telling me something about fellini and i went ‘yeah i know, i went to film school’


No parasan! No parmasan!


Making DiS an outlet right


Once I memorised a painter/joiner’s van registration so I could phone up and complain that the person was a terrible driver, but ended up calming down instead. See, I’m too nice!