Being RUDE


Never noticed his ace of spades tattoo before. Nice touch.


I suppose some people would say I’m rude on a daily basis because I don’t let people out at the Tesco roundabout, but FUCK OFF TESCO CUNTS YOU ARE LITERALLY THE REASON WHY IT TAKES ME LONGER TO GET OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE TOWN ON THE WAY HOME THAN MY ENTIRE MORNING COMMUTE. FUCK OFF.

(stuck to my guns on this even when the driver I wouldn’t let out was someone from work who’s a bit responsible for my career progression. No ragrets.)


I sometimes snap at work that’s about it, I try not to be like anymore starting from this year! I’ll just ignore the idiots! :smile:


He got it added during his peak Rudeness era c1996, when he was too rude for television.


Was in Dover Street Market after Christmas and heard someone shouting at the cashier to SUCK YOUR MUM. Personal goal to be that bold.


I’m (hopefully) not ever straight-up rude, but I do refuse to engage with anyone I don’t like.

On NYE, we had a soiree at my friend’s house and he politely invited his neighbour. She turned up and tried really hard to make us watch White Chicks on DVD. She’d brought it with her. She tried to talk to me a couple of times and I just gave single word responses with a smile and walked off. Bit rude, that. :frowning:

(so pleased I got to use the word soiree)


I guess I was rude on NYE about people skipping songs I had lined up but that would majorly irk me anyway so you know what fuck them


this is justified rudeness - what kind of bullshit pizza van are they running anyway?


you need to drop this line in the film threads more often


it’s my DiS new year’s resolution to be nicer on here!


Never rude. Humility is the characteristic I rate the most important


incredible scenes :rofl:


I’m not rude very often. Maybe need to be more rude


I’m almost never deliberately rude.

I think I might be rude without meaning to be sometimes though, I’m a little self-absorbed. Not that you’d notice on here, obvs.



I’ll be rude if someone tells me that am not listening to them will make sure to stop them saying that to me! :slight_smile:


Skim read the thread to see if you enjoyed your spit pizza



I do this, and I obsessively analyse everything I’ve said to a stranger in case offense.


keep being accidentally rude and doing a single “Ha!” rather than replying when someone makes small talk in a very obvious way. Today happened with someone in the office smiling and saying “Happy New Year!”

I’m a twat


Well after all of the hassle it was still covered in parmesan, so I gave it to your mum.