Being sick/throwing up/technicolour yawn - grim anecdotes thread

What’s the most or worst time you’ve ever been sick? When I lived at home I remember coming in from a night out. Had a lot of red wine and got a pizza on the way home. Got into my bed and knew I was going to be sick but couldn’t make it to the lav in time so opened my bedroom window and honked up out of it. It landed on the roof of my mum’s greenhouse below and I had to clean it up in the hot son the day after. It was mostly red in colour and there were large chunks of undigested crusts in there.

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Long K bender as a teenager, ended up throwing up so much that bile and blood started coming up. Not done a huge amount of the stuff since, funnily enough

Hate being sick so much. Haven’t vommed since 2007 (in a hostel in Barcelona after spending an evening riding the metro system and drinking neat vodka, some poor stranger who happened to be sharing the dorm kindly assisted me)

I’d say a hatred of vomming is about 45-50% of the reason I no longer drink.

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My 16-year old self threw up over a boy’s brand new guitar that he’d just got for Christmas. We stopped seeing each other after that.


Acoustic or electric? There’s no way you could clean vom out of the inside of an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic. RIP.


I remember going to stay at my uncles back in the day. I was say 14-15 and my mum let me get a bus to his on my own (plymouth to birmingham) which was a big deal to me

when I got there he gave me a can of beer and asked me if I wanted to watch a video. of course I did.

I watched Rosemary’s Baby then Excalibur, had another can, felt sick as a dog and puked into his slipper, which was just kicking about.

he sent me home on the next bus

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Coming back from the first Fenino, on the last train of the night, I’d spent the day with a mate, skipped lunch, then met up with the bog dwellers in the early evening, matched them pint for pint, then lurched for train with naught but a bag of Kettle Chips (salted) for sustenance. I nailed the whole bag, then fell asleep.

Woke up some time later in a empty carriage, covered in a mess of beery, potato pulp vomit. Had to go remove my shirt in the toilet, and try and wash the worst of it off my coat.

When I got to Liverpool St I had a McDonalds.


Horrible time when I drank too much of Aldi’s finest “Scottish” “whisky” then fell off some rocks on a beach and smashed my face up a bit (it’s fine, my nose broke my fall). Swallowed a lot of blood, I think. Threw up off the edge of my bed and out the window of my room in halls. Luckily the Warden hadn’t parked his car underneath my window for once.

The stone outside that window was marked for at least a couple of years after. Must have been sandstone or something.

Great pay off. The body is an odd thing. I’ll eat 5 minutes after I’ve been sick. I’d make a terrible model.

On holiday years ago a mate of mine was mega hungover. He was reluctantly walking down to the beach with us hoping to sleep it off. Part way down the street big vom swells up, projectiles out, he instinctively puts his towel up to his mouth, vomit flys up between his sunglasses and face. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Should’ve done a tactical vom in a skip, as is now standard procedure.


Great thread!

On my 21st birthday, someone bought me a concoction consisting of a bottle of alcopop in a pint glass, topped up with a shot of everything. Necked about half of it and then immediately felt nauseous. Went to throw up out of a window but the window was shut. So just threw up against some glass.

Worst thing was that there was a gap of about six inches between the glass and the booth of seats we’d been sitting in. So I have no idea how they would have managed to clean it up without unbolting the seating.

This line has done me


Forgot my favourite second hand vom story.

Friend was in a taxi home after a night out and realised she was going to throw up everywhere. Told the taxi driver to pull over, but realised it was too late and she wasn’t going to make it. So she threw up into her cupped hands.

By this point they’d pulled over, and she could feel the next wave coming up. But she can’t open the door, because her hands are full of sick!

There’s only one way to solve this and avoid the soiling charge: it’s got to go back down the hatch.

So it did.

Then she stumbled outside and violently spewed everywhere, as you obviously would.

Nothing too grim from me, other than when we went out for a couple of pints (it was genuinely just a couple of pints), and all of us were violently sick afterwards.

I threw up so much that I was retching on an empty stomach over and over for about an hour and ended up bursting loads of blood vessels in my eyes.


Cab ride back from the Hammersmith Palais. Felt rough the whole journey. Managed to keep it down for 30 mins, cab pulls up outside my house and before I can get out I puke into the sleeve of my jacket.

I think I’ve been sick through drink about less than ten times. Never taken unawares, always able to get to a sink, toilet or skip in time.

Very proud of myself.

dribbly sick in the middle of the nearly empty student union in first year after a shot of sambuca.
wasn’t even that smashed and am usually ok with spirits but i didn’t know what sambuca was and assumed it was a 20% liqueur, my gag reflex wasn’t prepared properly

You went to Newcastle, right?

We were in the Student Union one Friday evening (in the Men’s Bar) and had one pint each. All of us ended up being sick in the loos in the basement, and there were loads of other people rushing in to do the same.

£1 a pint does have its drawbacks…