Being skint

Anyone else skint? Just under three weeks until pay day - how do people manage to cope financially for a full month?

half my wages go towards my (London) rent, so I live paycheck to paycheck.

idk, I’m used to it now. Don’t go on holiday unless its free. Manage to get in a few pub sessions a month. Luckily, most of my friends are in the same boat, so we just arrange to do things that are free/cheap like sit in the park and drink tins.


payday today… sooo… not really :slight_smile:

I’m skint. It’s shite. To be fair, it is due to a house purchase, which isn’t an awful thing to have happened. And it does give me an excuse to avoid the Edinburgh festivals.

The Edinburgh festivals are part of the reason why I’m in this mess :frowning:

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not got much to spend on myself after rent
got river views though :nail_care:

I’m skint because my pay is shit and I’m paying off other people’s debts - it’s a deadly combo! Somehow scrape by though.

How come you’re paying off other people’s debts?

im ok atm money wise, but looking at flat deposits, that’s not gonna last.

Same. It is shit.

Because I’m a sap who tries to help and then gets taken advantage of! I really should be much more cynical about people!

Ah, mine’s because my ex wife absolutely shafted me. Yours is more noble.

I’ve been skint for about 18 months now…been getting by on nhs bursary and a few shifts here and there…but they have become more infrequent as the university workload ramps up.

I am very lucky to be in a situation where my partner has just been able to get a house through part-mortgage/part-inheritance, and we have enough to get by day to day. It just sucks when you can’t really contribute much to the household…although she always tries to make decisions jointly I usually abstain because it’s never my money. It just saps your feeling of independence, somehow.

Should be getting my first paycheck around the end of february. Cannot come soon enough

Well to be fair, it’s my other half so mine is on the lesser end of that same spectrum!


I’m skint, I’ve been skint since I left home for university principally, I admit, due to a lack of foresight and bad planning on my part, but now I’m sole earner for a family of three and frankly, it really, really bites. I work pretty hard, and I’m still struggling. We’re lucky we live in a cheap part of the country, and tied our landlord into a contract that holds our rent below market value for a couple of years. It gets on top of me horribly sometimes, but we do everything we can to make our quality of life enjoyable.

Payday was Friday and I’m already just waiting for the daily text messages from HSBC. “We agreed an informal overdraft to cover payment(s). To avoid further £5 daily fees…”



I don’t like this with my like, but I do know it.

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Still never worked out what that stands for. Google just brings me here.

Like Mark says.

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