Being touched by strangers

A waiter put his hand on my shoulder while talking to us on sat night. Made me feel really uncomfortable.

What’s your tolerance like for being touched by people you don’t know? Polls and chat welcome btw.

Absolutely fucking hate it

Massages: why on earth would you pay a stranger to touch you?

(Tolerance = pretty low)


Also find the proximity of hairdressers, opticians etc a nightmare and will put off doing those appointments for months at a time

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Exactly. And why would this count as a relaxing experience?

Awful business IMO.

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It can be quite nice, if you ignore that part.

I’d rather have a scalp massage than anything else though, tbf.

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Used to hate my old optician because her hair would touch my face when they do the ‘shining a bright light in your eye at very close quarters’ bit.

Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. But also watch where the fuck you’re going so you don’t walk into me or clog up the pavement while I’m walking.

I never had you down as one of them :hushed:

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Really don’t mind.

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I don’t even like strangers using my first name.


Had another traumatic experience recently where one of those living statue people flicked the hood of my coat when I walked past him. Proper invasion of personal space. Fully irked by it still.

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I like massages.
I don’t care about people I know or strangers touching me (as long as it’s not meant in an intimidating manner).
I do not think this is the thread for me.


pretty much happens every week as a consequence of doing jiujitsu.

I’d need a full day to recover from something like this.

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strongly dislike it when someone in a position of temporary dominance (higher ranking person at work, security guard etc) gets touchy feely and clamps their hand on your shoulder. instantly puts me into fight mode for some reason. have actually shrugged people off before.


Even when I know someone, unless I’m in a relationship with them, I flinch when someone touches me. It’s not that I hate it as such, I just don’t know what to do and I thibk about it so much that it’s distracting.

I wish I didn’t and I often think, when ive spent time with touchy feely friends, how I’ll make an effort to be more touchy but it is the weirdest hurdle for me to overcome and it’s just never going to happen. There’s one friend who always rests her hand kind of near to the side boob area and I have a crush on her so that is too much for me to handle and then I have another who literally corners me and rubs herself on me if she’s not seen me for a long time.


one time when it was really icy out a girl slipped and grabbed on to me to try and prevent her falling, and in doing so copped a handful of my junk. I didn’t much care for that. this was at a bus stop so we had to stand next to each other in silence waiting for a bus, for what must be the longest ten minutes in history


My favourite everyday sexism is watching men move across a busy bar, putting their hand on other man’s shoulders to get them to move out of the way, but touching the waist of women to do the same.