Being touched by strangers


I’m not that fussed by non-scalp massages. Only get them in holibobs if 'er indoors is getting one and I wouldn’t mind missing out then either.


Person I like used to work in the pub I go to, couple of times when getting change they stroked my hand, probably imagined it but it seemed like a separate manoeuvre from the change giving, a twirling of the fingers and stroking the underside of my hand as they pulled away (probably a standard customer service thing taught in bar tending school). Moral of this story is don’t touch strangers or they might develop a creepy 4 year crush on you. Touched my hand kill me now


There’s someone at my work (in a different office) who I see quite infrequently but she’s always quite touchy and it makes me jump a bit because I never expect it.


generally fine with it, but can still absolutely respect and understand that other people are not.

Obviously people being creepy is still people being creepy, but I LOVE massages and am fine with general casual touching (albeit maybe find it overfamiliar/weird sometimes)


Got a colleague who touches my arm/shoulder sometimes as a sign of affection. I don’t like that.


Oh re: massages, love ‘em. Got a weird knotty long back and it really helps and feels nice and I like the oils and the nice music. Sometimes get too relaxed and realised I’ve dribbled all over the floor through the face hole bit.
Did once accidentally kick a woman in her fanny though cause she took me by surprise touching my foot and that wasn’t relaxing or nice for either of us, spent the rest of the time lifting my head up and going “no but seriously I’m really sorry” over the dolphin sounds

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this simply means that she wants you to kiss her

might not mean that


It’s a man.

it isn’t actually


sometimes if someone is walking really slowly in front of me at the train station cos they’re texting then i’ll nudge them in the rucksack


this changes nothing


quite gently though so it looks like i’ve just accidentally walked into them due to their slowness


why did they rub mouthwash on you?


My old boss properly grabbed me by the shoulders when he saw me for the first time after I stopped working there. Really didn’t like that.


Not a massage as such but I accidentally pressed my bare foot into my physio’s breast a couple of months ago. I was lay flat on my back so I wasn’t aware of how close I was to her. It squidged into her tit and I panicked and pulled it away, but then spent three seconds frozen in horror and by the time I came to it was too late to apologise without it being weird. But it was already weird. I’ve thought about this every day since. I’m sorry, Marketa.


If the person was warm and friendly and seems genuine I’m ok with it i guess and I’ll probably go tell people what an amazing person they are. Some people seem like they’re doing it cause they’re a pick up artist trying to influence you to think they’re an amazing person and I don’t like when it’s one of those people.


Definitely something men of power learn in a book.


Oh no! :smiley: that sort of thing must happen all the time though, two bodies in close proximity


Not a fan, at all. Well overdue a haircut but keep putting it off due to the requisite touching and talking. ughhh. Makes it worse they are on the same street as me so i ‘half’ know them (nod/wave when noticed!)


Maybe but no one has ever poked their bare toes into a breast with such slow pace. It was like I was examining her. I am so full of shame, I don’t know why I didn’t realise what was happening.


All about context for me but no big problem.

I used to love the nit nurses coming to my school and checking our hair. I used to want to go round a second time.