Beirut (CW: Loss Of Life - please spoiler all videos)

Holy shit.

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Fucking hell, that’s terrifying

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Shit… Quite a few videos on Twitter - each as terrifying.

maybe a little extra description or content warning in the title or OP would be good? Just as a heads up for people

(I thought this was about the band to start with …)

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Had a look on twitter and apparently there’s been two??
Jesus, this is so awful

Completely my own thoughts based on a few Twitter videos closer to the blast site, but it looks like there was a smaller one which subsequently caused the ignition of a warehouse or silo of some type.

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Done x

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Maybe leave people to find videos on Twitter if they want to instead of posting them here?

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Video below confirms it was at the port. Barely believable how big it is, absolutely terrifying.

Especially if they’re being posted by I* n M*** s Ch ***g


Oh god. My cousin’s husbands family are all in Beirut, seeing the size of that is pretty concerning for them to say the least.

"A large blast has hit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, ahead of the verdict in a trial for the killing of ex-PM Rafik Hariri in 2005.

Reports say the explosion was near the offices of the Daily Star newspaper.

Video showed a large mushroom cloud and extensive damage.

A UN tribunal is due to issue its verdict in the trial in absentia of four suspects in the murder by car bomb of Mr Hariri.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah group has consistently denied any role in his death."

Fucking hell, is that from the BBC? When there’s literally no indication of cause?

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it is.

they seem to be the only place reporting it in these terms

There’s some reports that a fireworks factory is involved (in some videos it looks like there are fireworks going off before the main blast)

Yeah the fact people were already filming it suggests something was already happening, which makes the BBC story even more weird/irresponsible.

Apparently it’s a firecracker factory. But not confirmed…
Stepping back before speculating any more.

Had Coronavirus not hit, we were planning to visiting Lebanon next month, based in Beirut and then travelling out to visit parts of the country.

She wasn’t particular sure when I suggested it and this would have certainly put the kibosh on it. Researching Lebanon in preparation for holiday, Beirut appears to be a city constantly on a knife edge. An exciting city, but very much on the edge. Plus the whole economic situation at the moment. They are mega fucked.