Belated Midweek Footie Thread

Leicester are not very good.

Really want it to go to pens so it can delay the beeb cracking the champers over Brexit again

can we all please just agree now fa cup replays should be scrapped

I always want pens in the hope it all goes a bit Germany v Italy at the Euros like

ranieri should’ve just sacked the entire squad the day after they won the league
bunch of dicks


Fuck this game.

that handball was so obvious!

I especially hope Derby win now after that controversy.

Hate how the papers are pressuring him, starting the whole team from scratch seems a far better route.


It’s funny because they still have to play for 25 minutes.

Pretty funny (/brexit) that when Pardew didn’t win a game for an entire calendar year it was cause the players didn’t have enough pashun, but someone who’s about to manage leicester in the last 16 of the champions league needs sacking

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Yes Ndidi!

When they say “Extra time is the last thing either of these sides would’ve wanted”. Do you think they mean they would’ve both preferred getting beat?

If so why don’t they just boot it in their own net?

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Course, who couldn’t be motivated by that dance! Ranieri really should’ve known to sell Vardy to Arsenal for (sadness, fraud) £100 million now his soul has been captured by the Devil though.

Probably hoping the other team would do it first I suppose

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Motty’s gotta shout that at some point this season hasn’t he?

“Oh and it’s… Ndidi! Yes Ndidi!”

That’s got Mowbray or Robot Wars all over it, no way Motty’s brain can move at that sort of lightning pace

Motty clearly records his MotD commentary pieces from the granny annex at the end of his garden. In his winter coat, obviously. The daft cunt.

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