Belated Thursday filth thread


What do you reckon the people in your office are into?

I have increasing suspicions that one of my colleagues is heavily into proper sex tourism holidaying.


i cleaned my bike yesterday. it was really filthy.




I reckon I know what the guy who came to work in a full stormtrooper outfit on halloween is into.

(as an aside no-one else in the company was in fancy dress)


he sounds like an absolute hero.

a single one, admittedly


Haven’t the foggiest to be honest.

I don’t think it’s a hotbed of deviance.


my bookshop is without question 99% filth


Anyone know how you get one of those gigs just livestreaming a video of your feet or sending people dirty pants in the post? Fancy a bit of a Christmas bonus. @elthamsmateowen?


I think it’s probably pretty standard: D probably spends a considerable amount of his WFH time wanking, and G probably has a glamorous Tinder profile.


I don’t work in an office, but reckon my coworkers are all too tired from work/looking after kids/grandkids to get busy.


Not sure about L, though. I reckon he could be the quiet deviant.


You should consider changing the shop name to reflect this.

Mucky Books


Myfreecams etc


My colleague tells me about her sex life in quite graphic detail. Its unnerving.


phwoar. lube your crank?


Just sign up yourself and go from there. Also, places like clipstore and mycamstore (names maybe not 100% correct but should be easy to find from a search) you can sell things other than video clips like pants etc. Then also marketing through twitter.


God I wish someone would tell me about their sordid exploits.


secret santa entries have closed


was hoping just to get a 5 hour a week job, don’t want to start a business, CBA. unless you’d be interested mate?


Which colleague?

I know that a lot are pretty vanilla in their tastes (which is of course fine) but I think there are a couple who I suspect have at least a touch of kink. There was a girl here who I am super sure was at very least into choking, eating ass and maybe even pee stuff. I miss her actually, she was really nice.