Believe in your self(ie) thread


YO. Show me your sweet sweet faces

Here’s me winning the minigolf on wednesday but being such a dick about it that no one wanted to be on the podium with me <3


double victory. flawless.


this image is a work of art


Here is an actual selfie that I took myself :selfie:


i have people to take selfies for me now.


Fucking hell, Iron by name but clearly not by nature. T is creased to fuck.


Nobody irons t-shirts, Iron


Please see exhibit a :point_up_2:


nerd alert!


The glasses really suit you!


aw thanks :blush:


With my cousins in a shop called Neo Tokyo, for all things Japanese pop culture




Tired and in need of a haircut but still pretty handsome.


I need a haircut too man :confused: I like your jumper, you should’ve flipped the image.



T-shirt but thanks. It was a gift from the TV due to the many similarities between me and the kid in Curious Incident

Native photos app on my phone doesn’t have a flip button unfortunately.


Yeah, that’s the kinda behaviour I can get on board with


Aye they do