Belle and Sebastian Bowlie 3 - Fancy Cruise Edition

boat wankers


Starts at £850 + £150 fees and taxes entry point. Yikes!
Pun works in progress:
Le Ferry de la bourgeoisie.
Boy with the Arab strapped for cash.

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well anyone tempted?

Edit: sorry didn’t mean to direct reply.

You’d be pretty happy if you were a band who got invited on that, wouldn’t you?



Inside cabin is only £1600, but the lineup isn’t exciting enough for that imo.

Would happily do a music cruise…just not this one.

Is that for one person?

No a cabin for up to four.

So £400 a head? That’s really good, surely? We all happily spunk £200+ on festival tickets, so to get a holiday on top, and a unique trip, seems pretty decent.

Sorry misread the pricing structure, cheapest option is £559 a head based on four people sharing the lowest grade inside cabin.

Hmmmmm, that’s now pushing it again. I reckon I would consider though if it was bands I really loved, but that is quite a bit.

I really like Belle and Sebastian. Boats are ok.

Don’t want the two to mix though.

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Is there a band that, when combined with boats, would suit your needs?

Don’t want to answer for BMS1 but My Vitriol are the only band I’d consider getting on a boat for.


Maybe Peter Andre on a dinghy. Or The Wee Papa Girl Rappers on the Thames Clipper.

No others come to mind.

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Autechre, Hot Tug

Looks shite

It’s 559 plus

plus the fees of getting to and from Barcelona, plus spends… I mean that is some serious dollar for a long weekend. Don’t think any line-up could tempt me enough.

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No desire to do it but 600 combined with the cruise is quite well priced for what you’re getting, if you like the band and going on cruises