Belle and Sebastian

Not sure about that really. Kinda sounds like generic recent B&S. Had unending love for these guys through to DCW… now it’s just the odd track here and there. Really wish they could just go back to sounding like those early records. Stuart’s desire for pop sheen really doesn’t do it for me.

Yeah, it’s not great. I did like the last album a lot though.

Breakbeat and Sebastian

Didn’t mind the song. Preferred it to the last album. Was a little messy but suggests the album could be interesting.

A new album not five years down the line? Wow.

If You’re Feeling Sinister
Push Barman to Open Old Wounds (if this counts)
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
The Boy With the Arab Strap
The Life Pursuit
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
Fold Your Hands
Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

Not heard Storytelling.

Push Barman (totally counts)
The Life Pursuit
If You’re Feeling Sinister
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
The Boy with the Arab Strap
Fold Your Hands Child
Write About Love
Girls in Peacetime


Love all their records (yeah, even fold your hands!) aside from the most recent two (which do have some excellent tunes on but overall are just decent at best)

Understand those who are turned off by the poppy glam seventies schtick they’ve been increasingly going with since The Life Pursuit. It’s not the band i initially feel in love with, but i can understand why SM doesn’t want to just keep churning out stuff like Expectations forever more.

He’s been writing articles on their site recently looking at the making of the first few albums, discussing discarded titles and sharing photos of artwork that was considered. Quite interesting.


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I really like them, great song writing, great melodies and instrumentation. What more do you want. I Love the ‘Arab strap’ album.

I reckon they’ve got better as they’ve gone along. Can’t abide the early stuff apart from a few tracks but love ‘Dear Catastrophe Waitress’ onwards. Great live as well.


Listen to wisdom of M25, he speak great truth.

dear catastrophe waitress is god awful

Each to their own. I prefer ‘The Life Pursuit’, but DCW contains my favourite B&S track - ‘Stay Loose’ (maybe their only guitar solo??) so it’s certainly not god awful.

I’m not a particularly big B&S fan but even I recognise that this opinion is complete nonsense.


yeah it is but i cant listen to it

something about their post arab strap stuff i just find unbearable these days, especially stuff off this



This, might as well be a different band IMO