Below Deck

Sailing Yacht is on Amazon NOW. Think this is going to be very, very good.

What happened to the original thread?

I had all my posts deleted so unfortunately that went with it :frowning:

Not sure I can handle watching one episode a week. Might have to wait till it’s all done

Ah ok. I couldn’t remember who had started the thread so thought someone had left

Currently in the midst of season 7. Cannot believe what a horrible psycho Ashton has turned out to be. Him and Ross seemed relatively wholesome in the previous season.

Should I make my Star Trek joke again then?

I mean, you can…

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Below Deck really doesn’t paint a good picture of South African men

On Med S3. Joao’s constant gaslighting of Brooke (as well as the rest of the crew) is genuinely making me feel uncomfortable. What a snake.

Wesley seemed ok at least.

Can’t believe the relationships between the current guests.

If you need to read the article to find out who chef Ben is, then why would you care where he is now?

Anyone watching Sailing Yacht?

Med s4 right here. Disgraceful.

I’m watching the current season of Sailing Yacht. I hate them all except for Colin and Glenn (of course).

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Colon is an absolute champ. Really good season though, one of the best imo. Can’t believe the attention the guy with the mullet gets, what’s that all about?

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I agree, the crew/cast is much better this season. Right?! I do not understand how Gary has two girls fighting over him!


I don’t get it. It’s Gary.

Thought Natasha was a dead cert to get fired at one point but she keeps pulling it out the bag. Once she learns about eggs she’ll be a top chef.

Don’t think I’ve ever bawled as much at a BD as when Colin’s dog died.

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