Below Deck

Really enjoying this week’s episode of Sailing Yacht as they cut to Glenn on the boat:

“We’re having a cashew party”

“Last night I dreamt someone gave me a donkey”


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It’s been a while since I watched this so don’t remember the details but I agree with you. Jaoa is especially awful. Am I right in thinking this season is very laddish?

Afraid not!

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Getting quite fed up of the Gary/Sydney/Alli thing.

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I feel a bit like they’re stretching this season out. I wonder if it ends early because of COVID or (don’t click if you haven’t seen this week’s) crashing into the dock?

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Yeah there def seems to have been a lot more focus on the down time. Still enjoying it though, after a slow start. Every week I’m thinking it’s surely the last ep haha.

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Trailer for new Below Deck: Mediterranean is here:

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Malia and captain Sandy though :face_vomiting:


Yeah, so over both of them after last season. Surprised they’re working together after Sandy ‘outed’ Malia.

New Med series is on Amazon. Just remembered how much I dislike Sandy.


Aye, not here for captain tbh. Clearly resented Hannah being a bigger draw than her :woman_shrugging:

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The first two episodes have been brilliant considering Malia and Sandy are just awful.

The chef. My goodness. He fully admitted he faked his knee cause he was shitting himself!


He seems like such a weird man. I know it’s not nice to say but he does. I don’t think he’ll last long at all.

I think he’ll bail soon for sure! There’s always one that does.

I always get excited hoping they’ll send for a replacement and Ben turns up

Bring back Kiko!!!


A true saint.

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Ahh I loved Kiko!

I think Rachel is my favorite Below Deck chef, then Ben.

I agree this new guy on Med won’t last. He has ordered so much food!

I hate them all.

I like mustache man