Completely given up on wearing a belt in the past 6 months after going nigh on 10 years of wearing one daily. Fucking well good mates. Have to pull me jeans up quite a lot of the time but pretty sweet having my wee bum hanging out when dossing about the flat :peach::peach:

How many belts do you have?

so it’s a no from me


Why aren’t you wearing trackies or something else more comfy than jeans around the house?


Because he hasn’t lost all sense of self-respect?


Forgot to put my belt on today. I’ve been feeling self-conscious about it all day.


I draw your attention to exhibit one.


Are you like one of those old boys who put their best suit on to nip the shops for a pint of milk?


I’ve got a really nice belt but I’m too skinny for it now :rage:


are you wearing a shirt and trouser? if so, no good at all man


create a new hole with a knife


A bradawl you savage! A BRADAWWWWWWWWWL.


what belt hole you rockin’? left anonymous, for obvious reasons

clarification 1 is the first one in, for slim jims

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Yes. I KNOW!


I’ve got TWO belts on right now.

True story…


pix, or gtfo