Ben and Jerry's vs "Blue Lives Matter"


Really fancy some Ben & Jerry’s now. Article here (can’t find any British news agency who have picked it up yet):

and if you want to read Blue Lives Matters’ post:


Is it?


saw lots of twitter bros get upset about the black lives matter thing, though a few of them said they were already boycotting them since they were in favour of same sex marriage


I thought they had a new flavour there for a minute. Might speculate on what the flavour combo would have been.


Blackcurrant Lives Matter


Interesting to see Ben and Jerry’s taking a stance on this. Blue Lives Matter seem like utter buffoons.


Hands Up Fruiti Toot


twitter already did the puns last week, don’t bother DiS (seems really insensitive/trivialising coming from here anyway)


So this is the real reason Tesco aren’t selling it

Could really do a Cookie Dough now though


I had a “Pralines and Dick” joke lined up, but it was against Blue Lives Matter obvs.


the Blue Lives Matter thing is quite weird isn’t it. what happened to ALL LIVES MATTER guyz?


Blue lives matter? I’ve had enough of this! Somebody needs to tell them that Avatar isn’t real.


Blue Lives Matter is such a stupid reaction.

What parallel world are they living in where police deaths aren’t taken extremely seriously and where perpetrators aren’t ruthlessly pursued, prosecuted and sentenced accordingly (or, as I believe is the case, more severely)?




the comments explode into an argument about abortion within about 3 posts