Ben Folds is doing a Fyre Festival in Scotland


Activities to include golf, horse riding, photography workshops, highland walks, watching Ben play the piano and presumably do the other activities. You will be welcomed to the festival by a pipe and dance band!

Prices between $1,999 and $5,899 for rooms but if that seems a little steep then don’t worry, there’s an instalment plan.

Found out about this through targeted advertising on Facebook so I guess I better go eh.



How long before Ben folds’ Festival folds


It popped up on mine too!

Ben will join us for the first hour of the talent show

Apparently he’s already done something similar in Cuba. All seems like a strange career move. Perhaps it’s a logical parallel to stuff like the Weezer cruise, but the idea of rich ultra-fans forking out for access to Ben is particularly odd.

If you go but don’t get a round of golf with Ben can you sue them?


The talent show in particular just sounds incredibly uncomfortable to me

  1. Concerts every other night by wonderful Scottish bands.

Reality: nope, none of the ones that just popped into your mind.


‘Ben Folds is widely regarded as one of the major music influencers of our generation.’

Is he?

So basically going on holiday with Ben folds? To be fair - it’s 4 nights stay, so let’s say £600 a day?

Hotel stay - all your food, the concerts and some other itinery bits etc etc

The hanging out with Ben folds bit has I guess doubled the normal cost - and I can’t understand who would want to do that - but I don’t think it’s totally ridiculous ( I mean obviously it is but I think that’s kind of market rates for hanging out with your fave pop star (im seeing Todd Rundgren in April and there where tickets for that if you wanted to go and meet him afterwards which were about £320!!!))


Ludicrous prices. If I was spaffing that much cash I’d rather go on belle and Sebastian boat trip.

ATP has fucking spoilt us hasn’t it.
All those great bands, activities and accommodation for £180.

Time to crowd fund a Dis weekender at Camber Sands :grinning:


so for $1,999 they allocate you with somebody else ‘based on age and gender’ if you don’t specify a room-mate; $2,999 for privacy. can get a similar setup on Hostelworld for about £7


“White, male, 40s, monied”
I’m guessing.


Unless they’re doing some kind of staggered announcements, Folds is the only name listed on the artists page :neutral_face:


Reckon it’ll be local traditional pipe bands and that to be honest.
Just imagining an ATP Scotland and how great it would be though.
Wish Mogwai/Rock Action would give it a go.


Imagine if the festival was near Christmas and then had to cancel just before its fifth year

Ben Folds (of the Ben Folds Five)'s Festive Festival Number Five Folds


shirley 40s is wrong age group for BF?


after a bit of looking: that specific hotel is normally two hundy a night, brek only. So four nights £800 for the accom, plus presumably all meals provided (although i wonder if that’s the case during the daytime excursions hmm.)

So 800 + the hotel’s meals in at least the evening w/ drinks (no alc). then a couple concerts and a fair few activities that will require probably £20/30 pay in per act if you go alone.

So you could probably get around to arguing that the package of all those things together, without hanging out with ben specifically, is worth 1200. So if you’re paying roughly £1500 the price hike isn’t that much more i guess?

I mean i’m a Folds fan but not to the level that i’d pay for this’n, but i’m not TOO aghast


Being nice wasn’t I :wink:
Let’s be honest it’s Frank Turners hipster fantasy camp all over again.
The fact that one the 2 gigs is also on sale to general public is a bit duff too. Just go on your own break to Scotland, go to that gig and save


i reckon 30s tho. i dunno anyone 40+ who’s heard of the fella much.

actually maybe i do now but only just


Can’t argue like.
Don’t know much by him though I’m in my 30s and he’s not on my radar at all really.


‘white’ was a very solid guess tho tbf


Per room, not per person. Standard room sleeps 2 and breakfast is included.

More like £800 per person and that’s with a very generous food and drink budget of more than £300 for 4 days.