Ben Folds is doing a Fyre Festival in Scotland


actually yes i’d gotten confused by the weird people boarding together logic you’re right. you’re paying the extra for half the room! yikessssss


Well I thought about Ben Folds’ Scotland Getaway
And I said “son, you’re fucking hight”


Seen and enjoyed Folds live in the past, but this ‘experiential event for music and art lovers of all ages’? Battle of who could care less, mate.


Ben Folds is pretty much my favourite musician, but there’s no way I can afford this even though I fit into the “white/male/40s” thing.

I don’t know. I suppose it’s doing something different, but unless I win the lottery this isn’t happening for me. As someone mentioned above, he did it in Cuba but there were a larger number of potential customers there I guess.


I genuinely think he’d be right up your street.

Start with the Ben folds five album “whatever and ever, amen”


I’m saving my money for the ‘My Vitriol Butlins Skegness Weekend Extravaganza’

Highlight is the Mini Golf round with the band.


Dunno - the website makes so much of the Scottishness that I think this is squarely aimed at Americans.


Brexits too good for us


Yeah that makes sense. It sounds almost like Scottish Disney experience.

He must have done the maths and realise there are fans who would pay this sort of cash. Also if you’re willing/able to fund the rest of it, flights on top doesn’t sound ludicrous.


Whats not included

  • Haggis

Not sure whether that’s a joke or not, given how earnest the spiel is.


that castle is going to be full of Atholls


Colour TVs though!


Excellent work


Yr bojack profile pic feels appropriate at this point


Two once in a lifetime concerts by Ben



It’s not even all that nice a hotel. I have to go there for conferences and it’s just ok.


I think you have a very good point. I won’t lie to you, I’d love to do it. Could they do it cheaply? Probably not. Is it good value? Definitely not. Anyway, it won’t be another Fyre because this could work with 20 people or 200 people.


They also have minor stuff sorted out, like having access to running water and toilets, places for guests to sleep, and venues for the performances.


Yeah, but who did Ben blow?