Ben Folds is doing a Fyre Festival in Scotland


I actually think at the heart of this there’s a really interesting idea – and there’s definitely a few artists that I’d fully buy into if they did a long weekend somewhere, where they’ve curated programming/talks/hangouts with some music interspersed. The price point is all wrong, however.


idk. it’s only wrong if it doesn’t sell out, i spose. won’t be surprised if it does. what someone said upthread about this being an american-heavy THE MAGIC OF SCOTLAND concept is dead on i reckon.


Yeah can see this event allowing for a diverse range of ticket sales.
Didn’t read anything about the hotel being booked out for a private event, which takes away pressure for it to sell out. Most of the activities, walks, quizzes, photography courses etc could be arranged as per the number of bookings.

Even in the event it doesn’t sell, it’s not as if they would have lost $$$ by paying artists if Ben himself is the only major act.


Airblades or broken hand dryer nonsense?


I’m so on board with a People’s ATP.


i’ve seen quite a few artists in the progressive metal/math rock genre do these sorts of things - they seem to go pretty well and i guess you don’t really need a lot of people to attend - i think they’re probably cheaper than this in fairness. I know Plini and Intervals did one together and Animals As Leaders currently have one on sale, which actually does seem quite pricey as well I guess: