Ben Kweller


I’m really enjoying this album:

don’t really know anything about the bloke. Was he ever popular? It’s nice. It reminds me of Brendan Benson’s Lapalco album (which is one of the best things ever).

What else of his is good?

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yep he had some good stuff. ‘Sha Sha’ is a nice listen.

he wrote some wonderful songs for Evan Dando, which appear on his excellent solo record - ‘Baby I’m Bored’, as well as a great little number for the Lone Ranger OST.

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What was the huge single he had, was there one? Mus’ve been back in the early 2000s?

I remember getting various CDs as promos back in the mid-2000s (when all the record labels thought my opinion was worth hearing) and liked what I heard - and, yes, the comparison with Brendon Benson is a good one. I went to see him once at Union Chapel. It was really good, But then I kind of forgot about him.

Back in the late nineties, Radish were hyped as the next big thing in music, with even Madonna supposedly saying they were awesome in one of the biggest pre-debut album cycles of my life. Ben Kweller was like 15 at the time and people were expecting amazing things. The debut album ending up being massively underwhelming generic grunge, with some charm, but very forgetful on the whole.

Then a while later after some less serious EPs, he came back solo sounding a bit like Ben Folds meets Weezer. On My Way was inspired by touring with Kings Of Leon, with the album clearly being influenced by them on tracks like The Rules. His self-titled was probably his best release, the one that sounded most like it wasn’t just a pastiche of other bands. Then he went too far into country territory with Changing Horses for my liking, wasn’t a fan. Go Fly A Kite was fine, but again, not particularly memorable.

Not sure what he’s done since then, but will always give him a listen.

I like these songs

thanks all

Listening to Sha-Sha now and really digging that too

Like this wee piano jam on In Other Words


Great song. Always preferred the EP version though, was a little rougher round the edges and less sanitised. Thought it suited the song more.

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My most indie ever story involves Ben Kweller;

He once stole my Urusei Yatsura fanzine at a Yo La Tengo gig.

I have not forgiven him.


Huge affection for Ben Kweller. Seemingly active again and played/is playing a SXSW show?

He’s also started emailing round a blog where he writes about his friends in the music business. Much time for it! The first one was for Ash (apologies this didn’t arrive the day after pancakes)


wasted and ready?


Prob this:

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maybe. it didn’t seem very familiar

What, like took it out of your bag or something? Could this be the follow up podcast to Gregor?

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Oh yeah, and here’s a cover of Lizzy I did years back.

I really loved that album when it came out

I haven’t thought about him for about a decade I’m gonna say.

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right. idiot question. i wanna play guitar but i can’t wrap my head around riffs, lead and rhythm. Like there, you play some chords, and then do the wee little twangy riff thing. So I guess when you’re playing alone, you need to do the work of both the lead and rhythm guitarist? I dunno. I’m over confusing things.

Nice cover either way x

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Yeah, that’s why only some songs work ok solo.

It’s like having a small pile of baked beans. Not a problem as such on its own, but hardly appetising. Put it as part of a fry up though, and it’s a great part of an enjoyable meal.

Toast, however, can be enjoyed in multiple scenarios, and so some songs are like toast and can work with other instrumentation (mushrooms) or alone (toast on its own).

I hope that clears things up.

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Pretty sure Kweller had zero involvement in Dando’s solo album. I think you’re thinking of Ben Lee?*

(*Have taken this comment entirely at face value so go easy on me if you were in fact kidding)

Lee, Kweller, Folds, it was one of The Bens anyway.


oh god no you are very correct. wrong Australian Ben. my bad. my very bad.