Ben Kweller

Anyone else listened to the new tracks from last year? Sounds like he’s trying to rediscover his early sound before he tried to become a country star.

I don’t mind them actually, prefer Heart Attack Kid of the two. Not sure if this is a slow lead up to an album or not but wouldn’t mind another album from him in this style.

Gave Heart Attack Kid a listen on release and enjoyed it for what it was. Haven’t heard the other one yet.

Last I heard he was supporting Sheeran on his most recent European stadium jaunt. Madness.

“heart attack kid” sounds to me like latter-day Weezer, which is a very very bad thing

Ooooh! Restraining Bolt has been put on Spotify since I last checked :smiley:


<1000 plays for Little Pink Stars :cry: Will rectify this by the end of this week.

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How come Dear Aunt Arctica is the top played by far?

Don’t think it was even a single.

Looks like it was the first single they released and, for whatever reason, has been on Spotify on its lonesome for quite a bit.

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Some interesting stuff in this thread from BK himself about a possible release of the second album too

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That would be so cool! The comment saying later this year is almost two years old now though…

True but given that the first album has only recently hit Spotify he probably just grossly underestimated the amount of hassle involved in getting the rights back.

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he’s provided lots of email updates over the last 12 months or so (including a note from his spot playing at Ed Sheeran’s wedding!) and launched a crowd funding thing too…

would expect a album from him over 2020 :slight_smile:


Didn’t realise that his new album (Circuit Boredom) was out already, nice.


Way too short but I love it!

I didn’t know about this, and I care about it, so thank you.

(Why can I not keep up with releases I care about? I follow people on Twitter, I check in with Pitchfork, the forum here, AV Club, Drowned in Sound…I still miss stuff though).


Was excited but its not great

And, same as above, didn’t see anything about this release anywhere…

Has @jimmyhuntspill done his Ben Kweller anecdote yet?


Yeah, it’s a bit… slick.

I’m on his email mailing list which alerted me to it… but yeah, I don’t really like it

I’m morbidly curious to hear the never-released second album from Radish, Discount Fireworks.

Last April, when Restraining Bolt finally went on streaming services, Ben Kweller himself said “I’m working on it” in response to someone asking if people were going to be able to hear the album.

No other news since, but who knows, maybe it actually will see the light of day at some point.

Several times.

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