Bench Chat

I’m going to buy a new bench on payday. We had a cheap metal and wood one from B&Q and after four years it is fucked.

Think I am going to get this one:

But would love this one but can’t justify the extra cost at the moment:

@zxcvbnm2 will I need to treat it as soon as I get it?

Anyone got a nice bench?

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I’ve got two (2) indoor benches and zero (0) outdoor benches, if that helps at all?

I have one (1) indoor bench.

Didn’t ask

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I could sense that you wanted me to tell you.

It’ll probably come treated but never hurts to get a bit more oil on. I usually do it once at the start of summer but I don’t think that’s enough.

What about a nice Lutyens bench?

Are you kidding me? Once a year isn’t enough?

Remember when Bench clothing was a big thing?


Not for me, nor is a banana bench.

Could get this

If I wasn’t such a useless pos I’d do it again towards the end of summer to get it through winter. Unless you get a cover?

Are people oiling park benches? Ever seen that happen?

No way am I getting a cover.

Get a pair of those and you’re half way to CUNT


Fair point.

Used to have some Bench flared cords. Looked pretty good tbf.

In answer to the original question I don’t have a bench in my garden as I find them quite uncomfortable and would rather a padded lounger.

I would like a church pew in my hall but it’s too full of bookshelves.

OHP > bench


I have two indoor benches and I love them both thanks for asking.

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