Benedict Allen - international explorer person


He ate his own dog, you know. Not sure about this kind of ‘explorer’ stuff in the year of Our Lord 2017. What do you reckon?

  • Ruddy, bloody good on him
  • Total whopper of a man

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sounds cool to me. didn’t read the article. never heard of him or this or anything like it.


did he really eat his dog?


Imagine doing something


Should get a proper job


Did anyone see the documentary with him and Frank Gardner where they went in search of birds of paradise? Had mixed feelings about it but it was quite interesting viewing.


Beeb says so, it was his ‘low moment’.




he might be a nice guy


What if this lost tribe didn’t want him to find them?


Shut up and judge.


Alright, Walk The Moon (might be stretching it with this one)


wont know until you try eh? what’s the worst that could happen? doubt a tribal war could kick off over it


nah I feel like I need to change my willingness to do this


He’d already visited them around 30 years ago, apparently


Nice guy eats own dog would be a good headline.


I’ve eaten loads of animals so can’t comment really


Ah fuck it, if he wants to fuck about the place trekking through jungles and stuff then why not, so long as he ain’t fucking anyone else off.


Also, reminds me of this:


he literally is