'Benefit of the doubt'


So southeastern (amongst others trains) fucked up today, meaning i was alone for a prolonged amount of time on a station platform…waiting. That information is obviously not a poignant part of my narrative.
However, i get asked by a stranger if he wants to share an uber. I’ll say yes ill pay if he gives half when we get “home” (probably 15 quid each) Easy. Anyway we ask other people on the platform if they want in to make it easier. No takers. Even though its v4wry obvious we are strangers ourselves so no awkwardness. Long story short 30 mins in a cab talking and chatting, mainly with the driver. He gets out to get money near home :(((((((((((( doesn’t come back. Im sat in the front with the uber driver and im going :frowning: and even the uber driver is :frowning: both genuinely gave this guy the benefit of the doubt to com back with money for me

Genuinely like giving the benefit of doubt to peoll6e but the constant displays of selfishness really embodies this whole sense of ‘ifgaf’. not down with that tbh


Night x


What a piece of shit.


What if they were mugged or fell in s ditch of something, maintain the benefit of the doubt


Annoying cos every half hour my dad was ringing me and i was saying i was okay even though in the back of my head im thinking “am i?”

How dare i have these thoughts :disappointed:


should have called the feds


I sold someone a ticket via the Facebook event page to a gig I couldn’t go to, they didn’t transfer the funds, was determined to not chase them but then caved, they said they forgot, I’m skeptical


Fuck that guy.


Was it on his Uber account, or yours?


why would he be getting out to go get money if it was on his uber account?


Can’t you do a split fare through the uber app? (obviously this guy’s a cunner and I’d have done the same as you in the situation, try not lose faith in people too much #notallmen)


yeah this is basically the only way to protect yourself from that happening innit. what an utter cunt. Not you @Aggpass you’re fine.


Good point.

Guy’s a dick.


what a fraudulent cunt


Get the money first ffs. Always. Unless you’re meeting the person.


Unbelievable, and you have to think is he very stupid as I imagine there is a high chance you will see him again if he uses the same station at similar time, or it was a one off and premeditated! - If you get what I mean? I have written that very badly


You’ve got a good story out of it, faps.

And more importantly a thread.

That’s what life’s about really.


Ha ha he’s done you mate!


Commiserations, obvs.


That’s shit, sorry that happened to you.

You should devote at least the next three weeks of your life to getting revenge.