Beowulf Boritt




that prick that wanks over his microsoft pad?


That’s the one Japesy. Nice one mate.


I reckon I could be an excellent set designer, but theatre types are utter pricks.


This isn’t about you, it’s about Beowulf


My friend Ben can recite the first fifty lines of Beowulf from memory.


“you couldn’t do this on a mac”

aye ye could. also you have a shit name and your set looked pish anyway ya fud.


This isn’t about Ben or about Beowulf, it’s about Beowulf Boritt.


who’s gonna tell him he’s wrong? fucked if know any of them


Guys, apparently his wife is named Mimi. Beowulf and Mimi.


imagine walking around with that name

  • Changed his name to Beowulf
  • Awful parents

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I can get as far as “Hwaet!” After that he could be making it up to be fair.


what about swimming around with that name?


can you not vote for both


“My honest-to-God real name! It was the 70s”




Holy shit.


I know, I wouldn’t have thought he was that old either.


It’s been really up and down from you in this thread so far.