Berlin nights out recommendations please!

Heading out to a stag do in Berlin this weekend, and we’ve not been there before so need recommendations for where to go out and large it.

Where’s gooood?? xx

Whereabouts are you staying?
Neukolln’s really good, was there the weekend before last. There’s a really good craft beer place called the muted horn, then a load of bars (vater, twinpigs, klunkerkranich) and then loads of clubs and late bars around

You could try and do what these berks didn’t manage to achieve. Getting into Berghain.

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Definitely wont get into Berghain if you’re a stag group.

You’ll probably struggle to get into any of the decent clubs as a large group tbh, and splitting up into smaller groups may mean some don’t get in while others do.

Could be a good idea to find a night you like the look of on Resident Advisor that sells advance tickets, to give you a better chance of everyone getting in? Places like Prince Charles and Suicide Circus seem a bit more tourist friendly and I think sell tickets to some nights.

We’re staying in Kreuzberg but happy to cab around, I’ve been given quite a few tip offs from mates already, but not having been there before want as many recommendations as possible! Cool/interesting bars, late night clubs and daytime places worth checking out.

Kreuzberg’s great too, loads of little bars and cafe’s around. Hamy cafe’s a really good vietnamese cafe for lunch. Massive portions for 5 euros and ridiculously frantic and bustling

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Yeah we won’t try the places where consensus is they’re hard to get in to! So far I’ve been told Wilden Renate is easier for entry, likewise Watergate. Would like to try Tresor if possible but have heard folk say that could be tough…

Good shout, cheap and cheerful where possible is a bonus!

Suppose it depends on how many of you there are and how obviously on a stag do you’ll be? Wouldn’t say Renate is easy anymore sadly, they’ve been far more strict with their door policy the last few times I’ve been.

Worth looking at Chalet and Kosmonaut, maybe even Club de Visionaire, as from past experience they’ve been easier to get into as part of a large-ish group.

Hmm. Just do what we did. Queue up and get knocked back from Berghain, get a taxi to Tresor and walk straight in.

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Yeah I think we’ll have to break up in to smaller groups when trying to get in to any of these places. There’s 10 of us, including one German (so we’ll stick him with the stag).

Will check out Chalet, Kosmonaut and CdV too, we’re up for a late night rave but aren’t crazy fussed which place we go to as I’m sure the majority of them will be banging!

Ah sounds sensible. Good luck!

You shouldn’t have a problem getting into Tresor unless you’re properly fucked. Watergate might be a tougher ask for a big group of men, they tend towards an even male:female ratio.

Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke. One of the best nights out I’ve ever had there last year.

I know it’s a bit passé nowadays but I really like Prenzlauer Berg. Lots of good places to eat and drink and the Sunday free for all in Mauer Park (although, this is just a summer thing) is wonderful. Also, Friedrichshain is good for for a night out with lots of good bars and decent gig venues down by the river.

Tresor plays some pretty hard techno if that’s your kind of thing.

Gorlitzer Park is a wonderful place after dark…

Was in blind pigs just last night, dry nice!


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