Berlin nights out recommendations please!

Another vote for Hamy too

Good shout on muted horn that place is lit x

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Their pricing is hilariously all over the place mind, €4.60 for a 30ml triple IPA whaaaat

we just kept smashing the 4x20ml of anything on tap for €8 which is pretty reasonable

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obviously 20cl, not a shot of beer

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Just sit outside a Späti with some beers.


Although that’s obviously the shout in summer it is still Smarch

Go to a Späti that has an outside heater

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If you go to 8mm you might catch Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre fame in there (he lives upstairs).

Roses in Kreuzberg is like going to an indie night in 2003 if that’s your thing.

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Oh and that burger truck place nearby is really great though I haven’t been to it on my last few visits due to my self imposed aversion to meat #vegandickhead

Wherever you end up enjoy Berlin is great for a weekend visit/cheap piss up/all night partying