Berlin Recommendations

Off there next week, first time. Anything particularly grand I should check out?

Get the train to - looks at map - Leipzig


There’s been a ton of threads on Berlin recommendations, both on the old boards and the new:

In order to be more specific, where are you staying and what kind of thing are you looking at doing (and have you been before)?

No worries, I’ll plough through those threads, cheers x

Don’t think anyone on here has ever been, sorry.


Treptower Park.

I’m going in December for the first time. My husband says the kebabs are the best in the world!

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this is some legit east german bants, my pal who lives in Leipzig says it all the time (for the record Leipzig is pretty cool but a bit fascist-y in places)

Berlin is basically Leipzig for wankers :+1:

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they are, but don’t get fooled by the long queues at Mustapha’s because they’re not SO GOOD that you should wait an hour for them. Habibi’s, for instance, ​is excellent and never has as long queues

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exactly, and Berlin’s already full of wanks :wink:

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no it’s ok, give us some more specific requirements, I live there now and want to show off

I recommend going to berling

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and berlin too if you ever get the opportunity

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If you’re there on the 26th then I recommend taking in the EMA/Forest Swords/Blanck Mass triple bill at Berghain :+1:



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how much do you like noise and techno?

Can anyone tell me exactly what the deal is with AirBnB in Berlin now? I know it’s been banned but I think there are exceptions? Something like if the property is within a commercial building or something? I’m going to Berlin in December and the hotel we were going to book doesn’t have three double rooms left (two would be twin rooms).

Everyone still does it, just don’t shout about it x