Berlin terror attack

News coming through, 9 dead after a truck drove into the Christmas markets

Juat awful

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Even by the standards of most terrorist attacks, which by nature are shithouse tricks, something about driving a 30-tonne (?) lorry into crowds of families seems especially shithouse with added shithouse, as is their wont. Twats. Whatever the wider issues are that might influence someone to do something like that. Twats.


A friend and her missus visited that market today, they’re on holiday in Berlin this wk. She posted on that fb a minute ago. It’s just, like, fucking hell man. Can we just have literally nothing happen for the rest of the year now please? There’s only two fucking weeks left, can we all just give it a fucking rest for a bit. Jesus fucking christ

Awful, awful news.

Also, Russian ambassador to Turkey getting assassinated (just seen the footage shared on FB - grim. Don’t know if it was broadcast on live TV but was definitely in front of a camera crew).

Those images, as well as being eerie as fuck, are almost surreal in that they look like something on a theatre stage. Really, really grim, in terms of the loss of life, but also the wider question of how them images might be felt around the world and the copycat incidents they’ll more than likely inspire. It’s probably insensitive to discuss it yet, but the questions it poses in terms of the relationship between the two countries, other parties who might have an interest in unease between the two, the future of Turkey under Erdoğan, obviously the effects on Syria…it’s scary as fuck. Then factor in Donald.

And there was a shooting near an Islamic centre in Switzerland. Truly awful day.